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Conquer Memorial Day Weekend travel challenges with the power of 511 Georgia (511GA)! From May 25 - 29, metro Atlanta interstates will face peak travel conditions. Fortunately, 511GA is your ultimate travel companion, providing real-time updates on roadway conditions, congestion, closures, and more through their user-friendly mobile app and website,

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Effortless Travel Planning with 511GA:

Maximize your journey by utilizing 511GA’s innovative travel technology. Stay one step ahead with instant access to comprehensive information, including traffic camera feeds, event updates, and dynamic message signs covering Georgia’s interstates and state routes. Simply click on the Text Report option on to view them. If you require immediate assistance, local operators are available 24/7 to take your call, whether you need to report an incident or request roadside help from HERO or CHAMP.


Drive Safely to Your Memorial Day Weekend Getaway:

Prioritize safety as you embark on your adventure. Fasten the seatbelt, maintain focus on the road, and avoid distractions. Adhere to the Move Over law, ensuring the safety of emergency vehicles by switching lanes or reducing speed.


Seamless Return Journey:

Ensure a smooth journey back home by checking 511GA’s website or app before hitting the road for real-time updates on road conditions and traffic. Stay informed and make the return trip hassle-free. With 511GA as the trusty guide, travelers will navigate Memorial Day Weekend traffic like a pro.

Download the 511 Georgia App from the Google Play or App Store.

During Inclement Weather, Include 511GA in Your Plans: 

Severe weather happens and when it does, 511 Georgia (511GA) is here for you. While there are many ways to prepare for weather-related hazards, the Georgia Department of Transportation (Georgia DOT) wants to remind motorists to use this free traveler program as an added effort to be aware and prepare.

511GA weather radar Be Aware & Prepare:
  • Set Up My511 Alerts: Create personalized route and area alerts to receive via text message or email. You can also subscribe to 511GA Emergency notifications, which alert users of emergency incidents, weather alerts, and more posted to Register today to be in the know:
  • Check Radar: The updated integrates current weather conditions, radar, and forecasts across the state. Easily view the weather layers by toggling them “on” in the map legend and know what to expect before they hit the road.
  • Look Ahead: 511GA provides access to more than 3,400+ traffic cameras across the state, available on the website or mobile app. Scroll through cameras to view current traffic and road conditions.
  • Download the App: 511GA’s mobile app directly connects you to the state’s traveler information system and provides step-by-step navigation, access to traffic cameras, rest area locations, dynamic message signs, and shows current congestion. The free 511GA app is available via the Apple or Google Play App Store.

When dangerous weather hits, 511GA is here for you:

  • 24/7/365: 511GA is located at Georgia DOT’s Transportation Management Center in Atlanta where live, local Operators are available 24/7/365 to answer motorists’ calls and provide travel information and dispatch roadside assistance.
  • Incident Reporting: When inclement weather hits, the chance of down powerlines or trees increases. If you come across dangerous debris, down trees, or powerlines on the interstate, call and report it to 511 so the proper crews can be dispatched to the area and it tracked in the traveler system.
  • Roadside Assistance: Motorists in need on Georgia’s interstates can easily call 511 to request assistance from Georgia DOT’s HERO (Highway Emergency Response Operators) and CHAMP (Coordinated Highway Assistance & Maintenance Program). HERO patrols interstates in metro Atlanta and CHAMP covers interstates outside of metro Atlanta. If stalled, stuck, or in need of gas, these programs are there for you.
Learn more ways you can be better equipped when traveling to your destination with 511GA here.

Georgia Department of Transportation’s (Georgia DOT) Transform 285/400 Project is designed to help reduce congestion on the I-285/SR 400 interchange in metro Atlanta. By constructing new flyover ramps and collector-distributor lanes, travel on this interchange will be improved and safer for the motoring public in Georgia.

511 Georgia, the Georgia DOT’s free traveler program, is here to help you know before you go and be aware of current road conditions and closures. With our many tools and features, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the curve with new lane openings and updates from the Transform 285/400 project.

I-285 Lane Closures
Main Transform 285/400 Page
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How you can use 511GA to prepare
Visit See current road conditions, travel speeds, and use step-by-step navigation to plan your route on I-285 & SR 400.  



511 GA App: Have 511GA in the palm of your hands by downloading the app for free on Google Play and App Store.



Call 511: Speak to a live operator if you have travel questions on Georgia’s interstates or state routes.

My511: Set up customizable route and area alerts with a My511 account to be notified when traffic changes happen in your specified region or route.


Learn more about 511 Georgia: