About 511GA

Welcome to 511 Georgia!

511 Georgia (511GA) stands as the state’s #1 source for real-time traffic and travel updates, proudly offered by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Providing 24/7 access to the latest traffic conditions on Georgia's state routes and interstates, 511GA informs motorists about travel speeds, traffic incidents, construction events, lane closures, and severe weather advisories, ensuring safer journeys across the state.

Accessible through various platforms including mobile apps, the website, X, Facebook, My511 text alerts, and more, 511GA empowers motorists to plan their routes confidently, prioritizing safety and efficiency.

Benefits and Features:

  • Statewide Coverage: Access real-time traffic information statewide.

  • Live Traffic Speeds: Stay updated with current traffic flow.

  • Roadside Assistance: Request assistance from HERO or CHAMP.

  • Customized Alerts: Receive personalized text or email alerts after creating a My511 account.

  • Traffic Cameras: View conditions through 3,400+ traffic cameras.

  • Navigation Tools: Utilize turn-by-turn navigation with multiple waypoints and camera views.

  • Incident Updates: Stay informed about traffic incidents and accidents.

  • Construction Events: Get ahead with information on ongoing construction events.

  • Lane Closures: Stay informed about lane closures and updates.

  • Express Lanes Schedule: Plan your journey around express lane availability.

  • Waze Integration: Seamlessly integrate with Waze for additional information.

  • Weather Alerts: Receive timely weather alerts and forecasts.

  • Rest Area Information: Locate nearby rest areas and check their status.

  • My Cameras Feature: Create a personalized list of preferred traffic cameras for quick access.

  • Dynamic Message Signs: Stay aware of dynamic message sign locations.

511GA’s History:

  • 1992: The Georgia Department of Transportation established a Transportation Management Center (TMC) in Atlanta, laying the foundation for the state’s intelligent transportation system, NaviGAtor.

  • 2000: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) designated “511” as the national travel information phone number, consolidating services into a single, easy-to-remember number.

  • 2007: Georgia DOT launched 511GA at the TMC, replacing *DOT with a free service offering real-time traffic updates.

  • Today: 511GA continues to serve travelers via multiple platforms including the website, mobile app, social media, and travel alerts

With 511GA, travelers in the state have access to comprehensive and reliable travel information, enhancing safety and convenience on Georgia's roadways.