What is 511GA?

511GA is a free travel and traffic service courtesy of the Georgia Department of Transportation (Georgia DOT). This free travel service provides travel updates, roadside assistance, traffic congestion information and more to the motoring public in the state of Georgia.

Do your cameras record?

No, our cameras do not record. Any video footage from these cameras is not available.

Where does the traffic and travel information come from?

511GA is located inside the Georgia DOT's Transportation Management Center (TMC) and gathers its data and travel information from sensors and cameras installed along the roadways. Georgia DOT’s advanced traffic management system (ATMS) Navigator captures the data and sends it to 511GA’s system including the website, app, social media channels, and 511 operators.

How can I access Georgia 511?

You can access 511GA on the web at 511ga.org or on our Google Play and App Store app. You can also dial 511 too.

Who do I speak to if I have a question or comments?

For any questions or comments, click on the “About” menu then click on “Contact Us”.  A page will pull up for you to fill out the required fields for your request.

How do I receive My511 traffic alerts near my area?

Click “Sign Up” and fill out the required fields to receive My511 traffic alerts. Once you create an account you have the option of creating alerts for your route(s) so you can be notified of any incidents affecting your commute.

Do you have to pay for any 511 services?

No, all 511GA services including the app and roadside assistance are free courtesy of the Georgia DOT.

What are some key beneficial features of 511GA?

Motorists can use 511 for, but not limited to:

  • Statewide traffic information
  • Real-time speeds that allows the user to see current time flow of traffic
  • Ability to request roadside assistance from HERO or CHAMP
  • Customized text or email travel alerts after creating a My511 account
  • Access to 3,400+ traffic cameras to view major road conditions
  • Turn-by-turn navigation with ability to add multiple waypoints & view cameras
  • Incident information
  • Construction event information to see events ahead
  • Lane closure updates and information
  • Express Lanes schedule
  • Waze layer Integration
  • Weather alerts and weather forecasts
  • Rest area locations and status
  • My Cameras feature allows users to create a list of 511ga.org traffic cameras for a personalized snapshot look at conditions along their route
  • Dynamic message signs location

Does 511GA have social media?

Yes, travelers can follow 511GA on Facebook and X, @511Georgia.  

When I dial 511, what are my phone menu options?

Once you dial 511 and reach the main menu, say what you would like to request from our list of available options:

  • Traffic Reports
  • HERO Assistance in Metro Atlanta
  • Report an Incident
  • CHAMP Assistance outside of Atlanta
  • Speak with a Traffic Operator
  • Locating Services
    • To obtain locating services for GDOT traffic management infrastructure, please submit your request to GDOTLocates@dot.ga.gov.
  • Transfer My Call

For transferring a call, here is a list of call destinations to say when requested:

  • Peach Pass 
  • Greyhound
  • Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  • Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport
  • Tourism, provided by the Georgia Department of Economic Development
  • Florida 511
  • North Carolina 511
  • South Carolina 511
  • Tennessee 511
  • Alabama 511